3 Recent Shocking True Crime Cases

We know that crime happens everyday and there’s a lot to keep up on. Here are three shocking cases that can become your next obsession that happened recently or had recent updates.

1. Venus Stewart

Venus Stewart

Venus Stewart disappeared from her parents’ home on April 26, 2010. She was living there with her two daughters after leaving her husband.

Police first suspected that her estranged husband was responsible for her disappearance, but he had an alibi that checked out . . . or did he?

You can read the crazy story of how Venus’s body was found eight years after her disappearance here.

2. Kelsey Berreth

Kelsey Berreth with her mother and daughter

This is a name that you may recognize. This case received national attention after this Colorado mother of a 1-year-old girl vanished on Thanksgiving Day 2018.

Her last known location was shown on the news over and over again. Kelsey was seen on a grocery store’s surveillance footage shopping with her daughter.

Kelsey’s fiance Patrick Frazee told police that he last saw her when she handed their daughter off to him that day. Was he telling the truth?

Learn about this case and the crazy plot of Kelsey’s murder here.

3. The Hart Family

The Hart Family

You may remember this story from last year that also received national attention. A van carrying a family of eight drove off a cliff in Mendocino County, California. The tragedy sparked questions of the children’s well-being in the care of their adoptive parents Jennifer and Sarah Hart.

Former neighbor of the family who live in Woodland, Washington told police that the children—ages 12-19—would sometimes come to his house in the middle of the night looking for food and help.

It was released earlier this week that a jury ruled the tragedy as a murder-suicide. Read about the horrific details of the Hart family here.

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