4 Tips to Keep Your True Crime Obsession at Bay

Have you ever been talking to a group of people, and a topic comes up that reminds you of a really juicy true crime story you heard recently? And then you were afraid to share it because you didn’t want to scare people with your knowledge of murder? Or perhaps you shared it anyway, and those people never spoke to you, the “creepy, walking murder encyclopedia,” ever again. If this sounds familiar, here are four tips on how to not scare the “normal” people and keep your friendships.

1. Only Bring It up When It’s Appropriate

Learn how to avoid oversharing and pay attention to when people start looking uncomfortable, which is around the time you get a murderous glint in your eye. This is when you need to change the topic to something more acceptable and hope the other person forgets everything they just saw and heard.

One of the worst times you can unleash the true-crime-obsessed beast is when you’re still getting to know someone. You should have an idea of how comfortable your victim—I mean friend—is talking about murder before you tell them all your theories about The Black Dahlia.

2. Remember to Tone it Down a Couple Notches

Even if people are comfortable with your vast knowledge of serial killers and love you for who you are, you might need to tone it down a couple notches. I don’t think either of us want you to end up in therapy because you could not control your obsession around those who care about you.

However, if your obsession really does become out of control, I advise and encourage you to seek help to restore balance in your life.

3. Stop Hanging Out With Men

We sure love hearing about creepy men murdering other women.

Most men don’t understand. They just don’t. They will probably be afraid of your obsession. If you find one who does and he’s single, please send him my way. Women are less likely to be afraid of your obsession… because they probably have one too. Interestingly, there’s a reason for that. It’s mostly because it makes women feel safer because the things they hear about aren’t happening to them, and they feel they gain knowledge on how to avoid becoming one of those victims.

4. Just Be Friends With Other True Crime Junkies

You love Datline’s Keith Morrison? I love Keith Morrison!!!

If all else fails, just find other true crime junkies to be friends with. That way, you won’t have to control yourself, you can feed off each other’s murderous energy, and they won’t judge you.

Here are some gifts you can get for them (or yourself)!

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