11-year-old Girl Arrested for Child Abuse

One-year-old Paxton Davis

11-year-old Girl Arrested

An 11-year-old girl has been charged with first-degree child abuse charges after an infant in her care died from multiple injuries to his upper body on February 28.

The 11-year-old’s mother left her daughter to watch 1-year-old Paxton Davis while she ran errands on February 24 in Maryland. In the state of Maryland, you have to be at least 13 years old to watch a child, police said.

“When hospital staff took a look at our 1-year-old victim, they immediately called child abuse detectives due to the severity of his injuries,” Prince George’s County Police Maj. Brian Reilly said at a news conference on Friday. “It was clear from the beginning that the injuries Paxton suffered were not consistent with the normal play of a 1-year-old.”

The 11-year-old was arrested four days after the assault when Paxton died from his injuries in the hospital. She is being held at a juvenile facility. She later admitted to assaulting the baby causing the fatal injuries.

How the Families Know Each Other

The 11-year-old girl and the baby are not related to one another. While the two families are not related, they are on friendly terms and Paxton has spent time at the house before, according to police.

Police say at this time, it appears that the 11-year-old’s mother had nothing to do with the assault. They declined to say whether or not she is being charged for leaving her 11-year-old to babysit.

Paxton Davis

Possible Causes and My Thoughts

While police say that the mother who left to run errands was not involved in the assault, I believe that it’s a possibility that the mother was the one to cause Paxton’s injuries, and then leave him with her daughter so she could take the fall.

Even though the 11-year-old admitted to the crimes, I think she could have confessed out of bribery. Young children are so easily manipulated—especially by adults they trust. Perhaps her mother manipulated her into taking the fall.

I just feel bad for Paxton’s family, who now has to deal with the tragic consequences of the adult woman they trusted to watch their baby. I hope that the 11-year-old’s mother faces charges for illegally leaving her underage daughter to babysit.

Press conference for this case

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