Abducted in Plain Sight Review

Documentary poster with Jan as a child hugging Berchtold
Abducted in Plain Sight Documentary Poster

It’s one of the hottest new true crime shows streaming on Netflix right now, but is it really worth an hour and a half of your time?

My immediate answer is ABSOLUTELY! YES! Everyone should take the time to at least give Abducted in Plain Sight a chance.

Netflix Twitter post, "Weird how every time I try to write a twwet about Abducted in Plain Sight it just comes out as 'WTF???'
Be prepared for a wild story

It’s For the Weary and Faint of Heart

My favorite thing about Abducted in Plain Sight is that it isn’t scary, so even your cowardly friends can watch it with you. It is more jaw-dropping than anything. It will leave you saying, “how can those parents be so stupid?!”

Yikes scale of Abducted in Plain Sight with the arrow pointing to "Critical High Yikes"
Abducted in Plain Sight Yikes-o-meter

Abducted in Plain Sight tells the story of how 12-year-old Jan Broberg survived not one, but two kidnappings in 1974 and 1976 from the same man, Robert Berchtold, who the family affectionately called “B.”

Berchtold was infatuated with Jan and did everything he could to manipulate her parents into trusting him. He even went as far as to have affairs with both parents to get to Jan. This is how “B” was able to abduct Jan right in front of them . . . twice.

It’s Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

Abducted in Plain Sight Meme "Me, every three minutes while watching Abducted in Plain Sight."
What in the world?!

While watching Abducted in Plain Sight, I could not keep myself from looking like a trout to save my life. My mouth hung open the whole time. I had never been so speechless after watching a true crime documentary because it’s so shocking and there’s nothing like it.

Maybe the 1970’s were a more trusting and relaxed time, but I feel that there is no way to excuse the complete ignorance of Jan’s parents. The first time she was kidnapped, it took the Broberg’s five days to contact the authorities. FIVE.

It’s also very interesting to see how well Berchtold manipulated everyone around him. Not only did he manipulate the entire Broberg family, but—in my opinion—he was able to manipulate the authorities as well to completely avoid going to jail for kidnapping Jan on two different occasions.

Overall, I would recommend watching Abducted in Plain Sight to everyone. There’s nothing like it that will leave you as shocked and speechless as it will, and it’s amazing.

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