Do You Know How to Stay Safe and Alert?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where anyone can become the next victim of a violent crime in the blink of an eye. Here are some ways to help you stay safe in a chaotic world.

Get Off Your Phone

Young woman walking a city alone by night, using mobile phone, texting, listening music. Don’t be this woman.

How can you stay alert when you are distracted with a phone call, text, or even music? Put your phone and earbuds away and be aware of your surroundings. However, you might want to hold your phone and be ready to make an emergency call if needed.

Returning to Your Car

Woman walking to her car in outdoor parking lot.

At night, look underneath your car to make sure nobody is there.

If there is a van parked next to your driver’s side, enter through your passenger side. Many predators will park next to your car and disguise theirs as a family vehicle with decals and “Baby on Board” stickers.

If your car has a flat tire, go back to where you came from and ask for assistance, even if you can fix it yourself.

If you leave a mall or someplace with security late at night, go directly to a security kiosk and ask them to assign someone to you to walk you to your car.

Get more car safety information here.

General Tips

Consider learning basic self defense.

To learn more about how to keep yourself safe, check out these Top 10 Safety Tips for Women and How to Be Safe When Staying Home Alone.

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