About Me

For me, a perfect Friday night would be sitting at home watching Dateline and other documentaries about chilling murders and the psychopaths responsible for them.

Some of famous cases that I can’t get enough of are JonBenet Ramsey, the Jonestown cult mass suicide/murders, and probably the least famous of these three, the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Anytime there’s a book, TV episode, or podcast about the Susan Powell case, I’m there absorbing all the information I can about it. There is a podcast called “Cold” that dives deep into the unsolved Susan Powell case, and I am all caught up and listen to the new episodes almost as soon as they are released.

The part that intrigues me the most about these crimes is why the criminal did what they did. Some of my close friends are concerned about how I’ve immersed myself into this “murder stuff” and declared myself a Crime Junkie.

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