Why Do Women Love True Crime?

If you are reading this post, odds are you’re a woman. Why is that? Why are a majority of crime junkies women? One of the most popular true crime podcasts, “My Favorite Murder,” is hosted by two women and became number one on iTunes just five months after it launched in 2016. Most of the podcast’s listeners? You guess it, women.

Security and Control

Research has shown that women love true crime because somehow, hearing stories of other women who were murdered makes them feel safer. There is security in knowing that you are not putting yourself in the same harmful—and sometimes fatal—situations other women have been through.

The three women who are the hosts of the Wine and Crime podcast
Hosts of Podcast Wine and Crime

Lucy Fitzgerald, co-host of “Wine and Crime,” shared a thought that a fan of her podcast shared with her, “a lot of women listen to true crime because it’s a way to kind of feel like you have control over the situation, even though you don’t.”

To add to that thought, Fitzgerald said, “We think that it’s because women are so often portrayed as victims in the media. And women in particular like to think about something and understand it in order to overcome anxieties base around that.”


It’s no secret that a large number of women are worriers and have anxiety. True crime provides an outlet for some of the fear and worry women have. Consuming true crime content can educate and prepare women for the way criminals think and the techniques they use. Women know and fear that on any given day, they could easily become the victim of a violent crime.

“[True crime] is likely to teach women tips and tricks for staying safe and recognizing people and situations that might endanger them,” Marni Feuerman, a licensed clinical social worker and licensed marriage and family therapist, said. “Women have more to gain from learning about true crime stories.”

They Love Justice

Most true crime stories end with the bad guy in jail, or even better, on death row. This provides women with a sense of satisfaction knowing that the criminal won’t be able to hurt any more women.

On the flip (but twisted) side, women might enjoy true crime stories where a woman kills a man to get revenge of the wrong he has done her. Women who have been the victims of abuse from men may enjoy living vicariously through the murderer in this case.

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