“Cold” Podcast Review

The Cold Podcast is a podcast hosted by Dave Cawley, who did years of extensive research and investigating on the high-profile, unsolved case about the disappearance of Susan Powell before beginning “Cold.”

The disappearance of Susan Powell is a mind-blowing and disturbing case that I have been closely following since day one. Susan Powell was a wife and loving mother of two young boys before she went missing on December 7, 2009.


One of the reasons I’m probably so interested in and so knowledgeable with this case is because I’m from Utah, where Susan was living with her husband Josh and their two boys when she vanished.

Background of the Susan Powell Case

Dave Cawley describes the podcast as the “complete, untold story of the search for Susan Powell.”

My friend (who is not a true-crime junkie at all) was the one who recommended this podcast to me, and I was ecstatic to find out that it was an in-depth investigation and explanation of the Susan Powell case.

It all started on Monday December 7, 2009, when the boys, Charlie and Braden failed to show up for daycare on time, which was unusual for Susan to be late and not notify their daycare provider, Debbie Caldwell.

Caldwell was concerned about this and stopped by the Powell’s home after unsuccessful attempts to reach Josh and Susan on their cell and work phones. At the house, there were no tire tracks in the fresh snow on the driveway that had fallen the night before, and nobody answered the door.

Fearful that the family had died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the night, Caldwell called police.

Police entered the home, but nobody was there, and the family’s van—their only vehicle—wasn’t in the garage. Everyone began to think that the family had gone on a drive in the mountains the night before and had either gotten stuck in the winter storm or driven off a cliff.

Later that day, Josh returned home with the boys were police were waiting for them. There was no sign of Susan and nobody has seen her since.

My Review

There is no doubt in my mind that Josh killed Susan and disposed of her body somewhere it may never be found. The podcast discusses Josh’s actions before and after Susan’s disappearance, and shares his journals, both written and audio.

Josh’s known actions and ways of thinking are so twisted and disturbing, I just cannot fathom how anyone can act like he did and not care. He was a very controlling, and verbally and emotionally abusive husband.

I applaud Dave Cawley’s extensive research in order to show a glimpse into Josh’s mind. Cawley also held chilling interviews with those who knew Josh before Susan’s disappearance and recall Josh talking about the best place to hide a body, and everything that Mark Hacking did wrong that got him arrested for the murder of his wife, Lori Hacking.

I would definitely recommend this podcast to those who love seeing the way a criminal thinks, and those who can’t get enough of being shocked and disturbed by the absolutely sinister acts committed by criminals. Josh Powell is not the only criminal connected to Susan in this story, which makes it so disgusting and adds more horror to the case.

The case is also very heartbreaking in many ways, but the biggest one is that you can tell that Susan knew that something would happen to her eventually at the hands of her husband. Susan was in a bad marriage that she didn’t know how to get out of. Had she had help, this whole tragedy may have been avoided.

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