The Investigation Begins

About me

Like me, you are probably intrigued by stories of true crime, including murders, serial killers, cults, and more. For me, a perfect Friday night would be sitting at home watching Dateline and other documentaries about chilling murders and the psychopaths responsible for them.

Some of famous cases that I can’t get enough of are JonBenet Ramsey, the Jonestown cult mass suicide/murders, and probably the least famous of these three, the disappearance of Susan Powell.


In many crime cases, there were warning signs that the crime is going to happen. Many murderers carefully plan what they are going to do months before carrying out their plans. I hope that my future posts can alert you to warning signs that may be around you or friends and family before something terrible happens. As much as I enjoy stories of true crime, I never want it to happen to anyone.

True Crime Sources

There are several sources of true crime entertainment that I enjoy. As mentioned before, I love to watch Dateline. I love that they can condense a case into one hour-long episode, and if there’s a really juicy case, they will feature multiple-part episodes.

I also am a fan of Buzzfeed Unsolved videos because I learn about new cases and learn new details about cases I’ve heard about before. Buzzfeed Unsolved also adds humor into the cases, which is awesome if you have a twisted sense of humor like me and can laugh about murder cases.

Another one of my favorite sources for true crime entertainment is podcasts. I only started listening to podcasts less than a week ago, and I’m absolutely hooked on The Cold Podcast by KSL and Crime Junkie. I would highly recommend listening to these podcasts, or any podcast if you never have. My life has been changed from listening to podcasts.

The Criminal Mind

My favorite part of true crime is looking at the psychology of the criminal, which is what I hope to focus on and uncover in many of the cases I report. Seeing how people plan out their crimes and especially how they try to get away with it is so intriguing to me. I often criticize the obvious mistakes of criminals because I watch so many crime shows and I feel like I know everything about pulling off the perfect crime. Not that I ever would, but I know a couple of tricks.

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